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Responsible Trucking


The logistics sector has seen developing problems including a lack of drivers, poor working conditions, human rights violations, non-compliance with law, major fraud issues and technical and road safety breaches. These problems are all magnified in the context of rising competition in the sector.

A core group of logistics (carriers) and manufacturing (shippers) companies aim to form a collaborative platform to take leadership and make collective efforts to drive improvement for the working conditions of road transport workers and compliance with legislation.


Our collaborative platform, kicked-off in June 2019, is currently seeking additional carriers and shippers to prepare for future policy developments, manage the social risks present in the sector and position the platform as leaders on the topic.

Together with business practitioners, stakeholders and policymakers, the platform aims to:

  • Analyse root causes of social issues in European trucking
  • Produce Truck Transport Social Guidelines (TTSG) for the industry
  • Ensure Compliance through a spot-check tool
  • Increase Capacity through cross-sector actions and policy dialogue



Interested to join the platform?

For more information please contact Daniel Lissoni at