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Our Service Offer

CSR Europe has worked out a Service offer to help companies innovate and transform the management of their total value chain towards increased business, environmental and social performance.

1. Our Service Offer


2. EU Services for Members

Be the first to know about the latest EU initiatives that might influence or impact your company strategy on CSR. CSR Europe is the lead partner of the EU institutions in defining Europe’s CSR agenda and also a key partner for other stakeholders on CSR/Sustainability. CSR Europe is at the forefront of engaging with the European Union for smart policy dialogue. EU Services for Members include:

  • EU update calls
  • Issue insights
  • Information overview of current and future CSR developments at EU level
  • Updates on CSR Europe’s future meetings with European Institutions and their representatives
  • EU consultation and EU-member networking and stakeholder dialogues

3. Additional Services and Member specific advice

Based on an individual gap and risk assessment of our clients' core CSR and business strategies, we provide tailored advice (tailored services) on how to respond to issues, supporting our clients in growing their business.

  • Report review: Following the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) criteria, we critically review our members CSR Reports, providing a set of recommendations and benchmarks.
  • Issue specific report: We develop tailored research reports on a given CSR-related topic relevant to your business, including benchmarks and recommendations.
  • Stakeholder dialogue: Involving companies’ direct and indirect stakeholders, these one-day sessions aim to providing feedback and input on companies’ CSR strategies, including materiality, performance and specific focus areas.
  • Issue specific workshop: CSR Europe designs and provides issue-specific workshops to help companies address specific CSR issues related to their business model or sector.



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