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Workshop: Reporting practice beyond reports

Added on 26-06-2018

Earlier in May, CSR Europe set up a working group on non-financial reporting, which looks at the application of non-financial reporting as a tool for stakeholder engagement and sustainability management. Non-financial reporting is recognised as an important factor for companies, and it is now important to look beyond reporting itself and move the attention to the actual value that it brings.

As part of the working group on non-financial reporting, this workshop will focus on impact assessment, quality reporting in terms of relevant KPIs and external assurance, and the usage of reporting as a tool. The outcomes of the discussion will also support CSR Europe work and dialogue with EU Institutions on the EU Directive on non-financial information and diversity disclosure.

Join this workshop to:

  • Learn about challenges and practices from members and stakeholders
  • Engage with other organisations and experts in the discussion
  • Gather relevant practices and tools to measure impact more effectively and use reporting to improve sustainability performance

Download the agenda below

For more information on the working groups and the workshop, please contact Joanne Houston on


Please note that the workshop is only for members of CSR Europe.