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WORKSHOP - Improving Social Conditions in Road Transport Logistics

Added on 06-11-2019

The logistics sector has seen developing problems including a lack of drivers, poor working conditions, human rights violations, non-compliance with law, major fraud issues and technical and road safety breaches. These problems are all magnified in the context of rising competition in the sector. CSR Europe has launched a collaborative platform to raise social standards in road transport logistics with leading manufacturing and logistics companies, in order to increase transparency in the sector and work with other stakeholders to drive practical solutions. 

This will be the second group meeting since the launch of the platform in June 2019 and will be used to present the first deliverables of the project, as well as set a clear direction for the future of the partnership. 

Objectives of the meeting:

  • Further input on Root Cause Analysis 
  • Development of 1st Draft of Guiding Principles
  • Partner presenations of best practices 
  • Next step for the partnership

This workshop is for participating partners only. If you have an interest in joining, please contact Daniel Lissoni