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Workshop: How to report on tax and facilitate cooperation between CSR and tax teams?

Added on 15-12-2017

CSR Europe’s project on tax transparency and responsible tax behaviour aims at scaling up corporate tax transparency and establishing responsible tax behaviour within companies as one of the main pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Turning businesses into truly tax responsible companies will help to rebuild trust and addressing the growing expectations from the public and the policymakers in terms of transparency and aggressive tax planning by some companies.

CSR Europe has established a learning network for members to share and learn about good practices in the field of tax transparency and responsible tax behaviour.

The topics addressed in this learning network result directly from the outcomes of the self-assessment tool created by CSR Europe to evaluate where companies stand on tax transparency and responsible tax policies.

This first workshop will focus on two fundamental areas where companies need to improve in the journey towards tax responsibility:

  • Public Transparency and Reporting: What to disclose and how to disclose relevant information to the public?
  • Tax-Function Management and Governance: How to develop the right processes to manage tax?

Why you should join:

  • Gather intelligence through experts’ presentations and companies’ case studies;
  • Collect and work together with peers on how your company can improve its strategy on tax transparency and responsibility;
  • Learn more about CSR Europe’s project on tax responsibility and assessment tool.

Who should join:

  • CSR/Sustainability managers;
  • Tax managers.