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WORKSHOP - Future of Work: Realising Workforce Transitions to Future Jobs

Added on 15-04-2019

Join the Future of Work workshop  "Realising Workforce Transitions to Future Jobs", on 28th November 2019.

Points of discussion:

  • How business is preparing for workforce transitions
  • What is the future of learning and the role of education
  • CSR Europe's pilot project on workforce transitions.

HR & CSR Managers are highly encouraged to attend. 

Register here.


About the Business Platform on the Future of Work

CSR Europe's Future of Work Platform provides a practice-oriented approach where businesses can exchange real-life examples, pool expertise together through a multi-stakeholder approach and link emerging challenges with policy-makers.

We want to encourage a future of work whereby every person can develop and share their talent, be strongly engaged in their tasks and produce meaningful work for the society at large.


More Information:

Business Platform Future of Work Presentation