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Workshop: Future of Work (closed event)

Added on 17-01-2018

On May 23, CSR Europe will be launching a new Business Platform on the Future of Work. Following the success of the European Pact for Youth, this major initiative will be expanding the scope, focusing from young people to older workforce.

While youth employability is still a key focus in Europe, further attention is required on how megatrends such as automation and digitalisation, changing demographic or globalisation are affecting companies and their respective workforce. Against these challenges, many companies are re-thinking their employee training models, inter-generational career managements as well as workplace culture and organisation.

In response to these challenges, CSR Europe will be launching a new Business Platform on the Future of Work to help companies and policy makers to manage a sustainable transition of the work re-organisation, taking into account the society, the company and most importantly, the individuals.

Why join?

Following a series of conducted interviews and research, this workshop brings together a number companies, CSR Europe’s national partners and experts to co-design the 1) strategic direction, 2) concrete actions and 3) policy dimension of CSR Europe’s Business Platform on the Future of Work (see concept note).

The results of this workshop will be further elaborated prior to the launch of the platform at the BXL SDG Summit on 23rd of May 2018 (further information coming soon).  


For more information, please contact Tommi Raivio (