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WORKSHOP - Exploration for a Biodiversity and Industry Platform

Added on 16-05-2019

CSR Europe is building a collaborative platform with other businesses to learn and share best practices, and to develop concrete collaborative projects on Biodiversity and Industry. The focus of this platform is to explore how companies can collectively enhance the net positive biodiversity impacts of their industrial sites and across their value chains.

On 24 September 2019, CSR Europe will host an exploratory workshop on Biodiversity & Industry. The workshop aims to explore the challenges arising from industry’s biodiversity footprint and to identify solutions through a business-led collaborative platform.

Join this workshop to:

  • Engage in peer-learning sessions to understand business approaches to biodiversity;
  • Understand what tools and methodologies are available on measuring corporate biodiversity impact;
  • Explore companies’ interest in joining a multi-stakeholder collaborative platform ‘Biodiversity and Industry’