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WORKSHOP - Designing an Effective Complaint Management System

Added on 04-09-2019

Business enterprises have a responsibility to respect human rights. If their activities caused or contributed to human rights violation, companies are expected to provide a remedy. With an effective operational-level grievance mechanism in place, companies not only can identify adverse human rights impacts at early stages and prevent them from escalation but also can detect systemic problems in their operations and adjust them accordingly.

Yet the grievance mechanism can only serve its purpose if stakeholders are aware of it, trust it and are able to use it.

Often companies face difficulties in designing and implementing a viable complaint management system.

How to structure it? Who to engage in process design and revision? How to ensure the channel is accessible to all employees and affected 3rd parties? How to communicate about it? How to deal with the fear of reprisals? 

At the workshop, CSR Europe will address these and other questions your company may have.

Join us on 14 November 2019 to:

  • Understand the changing context of operational-level grievance mechanisms in the European legislation;
  • Brainstorm with other companies on how to address the major challenges of meeting the UNGP criteria;
  • Learn how businesses can provide a remedy in the value chain;
  • Exchange best practices

Please note that this event is for CSR Europe members only.