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Workshop: Business-led collaboration for refugees and migrants

Added on 23-03-2017

Please note that this workshop is only open to CSR Europe members. Non-member participation is subject to a €150 fee. NGO participation is free of charge.

The private sector is playing a crucial role in regards to the integration of refugees and migrants into society and the labor market through mentoring and training, direct employment, social inclusion via community activities, awareness raising as well as basic needs response for those in need. There are many examples of companies working with and for refugees within CSR Europe’s network, however, successful integration remains a challenge in Europe.

This workshop is part of CSR Europe’s incubator and marks the kick-off of a potential partnership between willing companies, national partner organizations and other strategic partners to co-implement a project that leverages their capacity to address challenges linked to the integration of refugees and migrants.

Building on research and interviews with companies and experts, CSR Europe has developed a first concept for such a business-led collaboration for refugees and migrants (see concept note below). The main objective of this workshop is to discuss this concept and to shape the direction of the collaborative project for the integration of refugees and migrants based on the feedback received in the workshop. The workshop will take the form of a world café roundtable.

Join this interactive workshop in order to:

  • Be part of a concrete discussion on how to incubate a collaboration for the integration of refugees and migrants within the SDG Incubator and play an active role in designing a roadmap for further action
  • In a working group setting, share insights, challenges and solutions concerning the integration of refugees and migrants with other corporate members, national partners and  expert organisations
  • Become part of a coalition of the willing and a thought leader on the topic of integration and inclusiveness

For more information, please review the agenda and concept note below or contact Franzis Wimmer (