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WORKSHOP - Biodiversity & Industry

Added on 10-12-2019

#EUBiodiversity #Biodiversity&Industry

Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate. In the EU alone:

  • Only 17 % of habitats and species and 11 % of key ecosystems protected under EU legislation are in a favourable state;
  • 60% of animal and plant species protected in the EU are threatened, declining or depleted;
  • There are 420 million fewer birds than 30 years ago and two-thirds of European wetlands have been lost over the last 100 years.

“Business as usual” is no longer an option. For this reason, CSR Europe is forming the Biodiversity & Industry Platform, that will roll out a two-year project (2019-2021), to support companies in collectively enhancing the net positive biodiversity impacts of their industrial sites and across their value chains.

This workshop will kick-off the platform with the consortium members.

Why you should participate:

  • Enhance the net positive biodiversity impacts of the value chain through capacity building;
  • Improve Corporate Biodiversity Performance through risk assessment and management;
  • Ensure long-term sustainable impact.



Closed event, open exclusively to members of the Biodiversity & Industry platform. 

If you are interested to join the platform, please contact Soni Kanabar