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Working groups: Non-Financial Reporting and Investor Engagement - still time to register

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The working groups will contribute to our mission to increase integration of sustainability into business models. CSR Europe members can still express their interest and participation until June 22, 2018.


1. Non-financial reporting working group: Continuous support and engagement with members to ensure reporting is used as a tool to improve sustainability performance. This working group aims at:

  • Enhancing the application of reporting as a tool in all companies (for beginners and more advanced ones);
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders to integrate their valuable feedback in reporting practice and usage;
  • Defining how to measure and communicate impact through reporting and beyond.

Learn more: Non-financial reporting and stakeholder engagement

At the beginning of 2018, CSR Europe ran a survey in cooperation with CSR Forum Japan to map non-financial reporting practices of companies in Europe. Through the survey companies shared some information regarding stakeholder engagement with respect to non-financial disclosure. 53% of the companies currently experience a somewhat impact from stakeholder’s reaction regarding non-financial information disclosure. More specifically, the graph below shows which stakeholders are considered focus groups and with which of them companies engaged during 2017.

About the survey: the full results will be shared to members through the working group activities and all respondents of the research will also receive a copy.  

2. Investors engagement working group:  Investors community’ attention and efforts to integrate sustainability in investment decision is growing at a pace faster than ever (59% of investors consider CSR reports essential or important to drive investment decision according to  a recent EY report). Such a trend in capital markets not only will affect individual companies, but it is also a unique opportunity to impact on a wider ecosystem of investments and resource allocation. For the change to happen, engaging investors is crucial. Therefore, this working group aims at:

  • Mapping the current state of play and practices from companies in engaging investors;
  • Drawing suggestions for improvement and;
  • Identifying tools to better engage with investors on CSR and sustainability matters.

Learn more: EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan is advancing

As part of the Sustainable Finance Action plan, on the 24May the European Commission published three policies proposals related to the plan and its implementation. These proposals cover different areas, from the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable development, disclosure related to sustainable investments and sustainability risks, low carbon and positive carbon benchmarks.


Interested Companies will need to confirm their expectations and participation by June 22, 2018.

Please contact Rosanna Tufo ( to request additional information.