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Women in Leadership Positions - Practitioners Report

Added on 21-03-2013

The aim of this report is to provide practical guidance to corporate social responsibility and human resource practitioners on what to consider when trying to promote women in leadership positions.

The core of the report content is derived directly from the shared experiences of companies participating in CSR Europe's business-to-business working group on Women in Leadership Positions.

Key elements of the report include:

  • A section on the key drivers and opportunities for companies to invest in the development of gender diversity policies and practices
  • A section on key inhibitors for the advancement of senior women in the workplace
  • Summary postcards, for quick reference and internal distribution, listing 10 very practical "To Do's" for promoting gender diversity in senior management
  • Detailed practitioner input on these 10 "To Do's" supported by case study examples of participating companies' concrete gender diversity initiatives
  • An annex containing comprehensive information on company programmes that have, or are being, implemented by participants of the working group to specifically tackle the challenge of gender diversity in senior management

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