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WELFARE COMPANY Srl - iSAD Cloud Technology for Home Care Services

Added on 22-03-2013


Welfare Company Srl





Business challenge

To manage and coordinate the home care is necessary to adopt tools that combine efficiency and savings, optimize resources, facilitate the exchange of information, reduce management and administrative costs.
iSAD is the first cloud technology born for the home care management and the Vouchers programs for the domiciliary assistance.


iSAD ® is the best answer for Local Public Adminsitartions and Cooperatives Companies because it exploits the great technological potential of cloud computing in a “SaaS” model (Software as a Service) and also allows to dematerialize the entire process of allocation and use of Vouchers. iSAD ® can be used for an unlimited number of Beneficiaries using fixed and mobile devices (i.e. a notebook or a smartphone). It can be customized according to the needs of the Local Public Administrations or Cooperatives Companies and does not involve licensing fees, installation and software update.
iSAD Performances :
- Planning: each Operator has his own personal agenda that can be shared with all the Operators involved.
- Message: the instant messaging system that allows to exchange informations and files between Local Public Administrations, Cooperative and Operators.
- Map: the geolocation system (based on Google technology) allows to calculate the fastest route to reach the Beneficiaries’ home.
- Individual Assistance Plan: each Beneficiary is attributed a folder with details of the Individual Assistance Plan, any Voucher attributed, the history of the interventions and a diary updated by Operators.
- Report: reports and dashboards with intuitive graphs allow to monitor the activities and their costs in real time (performances, duration, ecc.) and obtain analytical financial reports exported in various formats.
- Digital Voucher: iSAD ® provides a real-time monitoring, reports and accounts the final payment of only the Voucher used by the Assisted.
- Invoice: it is possible to associate a fixed or variable ammount for each activity and to calculate the cost-sharing based on the ISEE level.


The challenge is to provide technology to improve the efficiency and efficacy of home care services, in a synergic logic with the themes of Smart City and, more generally, with the technology development for a Welfare 2.0.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

iSAD ® is an upgrade of Vitaever, the cloud computing technology chosen in 2011 by the European Community as one of the ten project winners of the Social Innovation program dedicated to all the Member States.
This technology is used by two of the most relevant Cooperative Companies in Italy as Fondazione ANT (4000 patients/day) and PrivatAssistenza (witch provides home care services in more than 80 centers in Italy).

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