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Webinar: Let’s talk about sustainability outside CSR departments: invite your finance colleagues

Added on 02-03-2017

Please note that this webinar is only open to CSR Europe members. Non-member participation is subject to a €150 fee.

Integrating sustainability represents at the same time a challenge and a unique opportunity to build sustainable and responsible business. It starts with breaking the silos within organisation, in order to embed sustainability in the strategy, governance and overall business model. To achieve so, the role that people play in organisations is essential. Sustainability professionals are increasingly engaging internal stakeholders.

A systematic engagement in this respect can guarantee full understanding of sustainability topics and integrated value creation. This webinar will start the conversation with CSR Europe members on this aspect by focusing on the finance function.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn more about current challenges and practices with respect to engaging finance department in sustainability discussions
  • Share the content and invite your finance colleagues to the conversation
  • Address questions and comments that could be covered during the workshop in September which will follow up this webinar