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Webinar: Implementing the EU Directive on non-financial information and diversity - Part 1

Added on 19-03-2018

In 2018, CSR Europe and GRI will host two webinars to go through all the topics required by the EU Directive on non-financial information and diversity disclosure (Directive 2014/95/EU). The first webinar will focus on environmental and social matters disclosure to clarify what is requested by the regulation and share guidance and practices to best report on these topics.

The webinars will focus on collecting practices and inputs from companies and local organisations on the implementation of local legislation. Feedback and insights from the webinars will be also taken into account in the engagement with the EU institutions when the directive will undergo the review process.

During the 1st webinar you will:

  • Get an overview of existing reporting guidance on the topics;
  • Learn reporting practices from other companies;
  • Receive some perspectives on the topics at national level.


This webinar is restricted to CSR Europe members and GRI Gold Community Members