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WEBINAR - Get ready for the NPO meeting

Added on 20-12-2019


This NPO webinar is the first one of the year and, as is the tradition, we will look at the activities for NPOs that have been set out for 2020. In reaching our collective goals of 2030, the network is in a period of transition. There are some key updates for members from the Board meeting of December 2019.

Following the discussions at the NPO meeting in Madrid in October 2019, the NPO Board members and CSR Europe team have formed a ONE network Task Force to look at the best ways to take the actions agreed in Madrid forward. The objective is to renew membership to the ONE Network including membership and engagement criteria for the National Partner Network. The Taskforce will provide updates and seek your input and feedback.

Join this Webinar to:

  • Kick off the 2020 Activity Planning for NPOs;
  • Get CSR Europe Board Meeting updates;
  • Understand the Strategy 2030 - ONE Network Taskforce - Objectives and progress so far

For National Partner Organisations of CSR Europe members ONLY.