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WEBINAR - Future of Work: Workforce Transformation

Added on 10-12-2019



Technological advances, ageing population and globalization make us revisit the way work is being done. Jobs are being reorganized, placing many employees at risk, particularly women, the older generation, and lower-educated & lower-skilled employees performing routine and repetitive tasks.

This webinar aims to connect companies and policymakers to exchange best practices and challenges on workforce transformation in order to enhance awareness and come up with concrete actions.

Join the Webinar to: 

  • Understand the context of workforce transformation

  • Learn from peers about what companies can do 

  • Get an understanding of what steps your company could undertake next

Who should join: 

  • HR managers of companies looking to learn about workforce transformation

  • CSR officers that want their company to be a responsible and forward looking organisation

  • Business executives that want to understand the impact of workforce transformation on their organisation

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