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Webinar: Corporate Climate Reporting

Added on 17-04-2019

The European Commission will deliver in Spring 2020 new EU policy developments on Corporate Climate Related Reporting (CRR) as one of the deliverables of the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance. To reinforce the capabilities of companies to deliver on CRR, the Commission set up a European Lab for Corporate Reporting, to gather experts to identify the best and innovative practices in corporate reporting. The European Lab – facilitated by EFRAG-, started its work with a Project Task Force on Corporate Climate-Related Reporting, which is now reaching full speed.

Join the CSR Europe’s EU Webinar, in order to:

  • Get the results of CSR Europe’s survey on CRR
  • Access the first-hand experience of our experts from the CRR Project Task force
  • Share your positions, challenges, and concerns with the expert, for them to voice it in the Project Task Force


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