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WEBINAR - Corporate Climate-Related Reporting

Added on 17-07-2019

The European Commission released, at last, its Guidelines on Climate-Related Disclosures. By building on the TCFD recommendations, the new guidelines update the Non-Binding Guidelines on Non-Financial Disclosure of 2017, setting the highest standard for corporate reporting.

In this context, the European Project Task Force (PTF) on Climate-Related Reporting of the European Lab for Corporate Reporting has been working over the clock to evaluate the fitness of a hundred of climate-related reports, and its results will be presented in September.

As a member of the PTF, CSR Europe is organising this webinar to give its members the possibility to be among the first ones to get some insights and a first assessment of the main findings by the members of the Task Force.

Join CSR Europe’s EU Webinar to:

  • Access the first-hand experience of our experts from the CRR Project Taskforce
  • Share your positions, challenges, and concerns on climate-related information disclosure
  • Get the results of the analysis by the Task Force

To register please contact Gabriele Perrone

Please bear in mind that this event is only for members of CSR Europe's network.