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WEBINAR - Collaboration Beyond Compliance

Added on 10-12-2019

Current global business context is undergoing a major change. Organisations have come to operate in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions also known by an acronym “VUCA”. This context is characterised by pressing social and environmental challenges that companies are expected to recognise and address in order to maintain their business operations and secure long-term growth. However, these challenges are difficult to tackle by an organisation in isolation.

Collaboration in supply chains has traditionally been seen as a means to reach cost savings and obtain financial gains. Yet in addition to that, successful collaboration also allows partners to share sustainability risks, promote innovation and improve supply chain robustness and efficiency.

Why you should join:

  • Explore the opportunities created by collaboration in supply chains;
  • Learn the examples of successful supply chain collaboration;
  • Understand how to cultivate trust and set common goals to bring value to all the stakeholders
  • Grasp the elements of effective collaboration

Who Should Join:

  • CSR and sustainability managers;
  • Procurement managers


Members-only event