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Volkswagen - Por amor al Planeta

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

Water is a scare commodity in Mexico. Water suppliers are especially critical in Puebla-Tlaxcala valley, hemmed in as it is by giant volcanoes. As result of large-scale deforestation, itself caused by excessive tree felling and burning too little water now seeps into the ground. The city of Puebla also has a high water requirement. This is exacerbated by subsidiaries of international.


VW Mexico decided to tackle the root cause of the water shortage – by reforesting the empty slopes between the Popo and Izta volcanoes. In 2011 the project area is widened in the Iztacchicuatl-Popocatepetl National Park by 200 hectares. This new stage in the reforestation initiative is realised by incorporating 39 regional supply companies of VWM into the process, investing 200,000 US Dollars.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

All in all there were 300,000 trees planted since 2008 with an investment of 500,000 US$. The measures introduced in the National Park stage will ultimately result in an additional annual infiltration of some 900,000 cubic meters of rainwater. VW Mexico will also continue to be involved in the maintenance and care of the reforested areas.

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