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Volkswagen - A chance to play

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

The circumstances of the lives of many young boys and girls in South Africa are often depressing: unemployed parents, relatives dying of Aids, poor educational opportunities, and the concomitant lack of prospects for a vocation or career. Girls are all too frequently victims of sexual violence.


“A chance to play” is a three years special program which has started in South Africa as the host country of the Football World Cup 2010. This initiative is launched by the international Volkswagen workforce in cooperation with “terre des hommes”. There are set up new sports grounds and revamp existing ones, to procure or repair equipment, and to organize training and competitions. When the children regularly take part in sports, it is often also possible to offer them additional assistance: crafts classes, initial work skills training, HIV/AIDS education or instruction on how to deal sensibly with conflicts.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

“A chance to play” forms an umbrella to promote projects which have the goal of making poor children stronger and better qualified for life. Having the chance for sports and games together with a range of learning and training opportunities is especially important for their development.

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