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Voice your Company Views on Apprenticeship Mobility

Thursday, January 17, 2019

CSR Europe is collecting company views on transnational apprenticeship mobility through a new survey. As apprenticeship mobility is gaining momentum on the European agenda, more Erasmus funds will be allocated to support long-term mobility of apprentices. In effort to shape the future discussions and Erasmus+ offer in line with company realities, CSR Europe is gathering the business voice on how apprenticeship mobility can work in practice in company settings.

Following the launch of ErasmusPro, the European Commission is building the momentum on streamlining transnational apprenticeship mobility through increased investment in future Erasmus+ funding. These funds are made available once a year in October to mobility actors, including companies.

Yet, to make apprenticeship mobility a new norm in Europe, companies need to be part of the discussions on shaping future Erasmus+ programme. In response, CSR Europe is be gathering the business voices on how apprenticeship mobility can best work in a business context, where time and budget constraints can influence the practical implementation.

To do this a new survey has been launched to gather the business views on:

  • Preferred length for mobility placements
  • Available time & budget to realise mobility
  • Relevance of mobility for business performance
  • Key constraints to apprenticeship mobility
  • Mobility related logistical challenges

Realised under CSR Europe’s pilot project “Apprentices in Motion”, the survey results will be featured in a final recommendation report for the European Commission in July 2019.
Take part in the survey!

Your company can now take part in the debate and help the European policy makers to understand better how apprenticeship mobility can work in a company context.

  • Access survey here
  • Who is it for = HR Managers
  • How low will it take = 7-10 minutes
  • What’s the catch = Your views will feed into shaping future ErasmusPro offer in line with business needs

CSR Europe will be rolling out the survey through its members, national partners as well as partnering organisations from the European Pact for Youth (2015-2017) such as the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN).

Save the date: Mobility of apprentices in Europe, 21-21 March, Brussels

The European Commission and the European Parliament will be organising a conference “Mobility of apprentices in Europe” on 21-21 March in Brussels.  The event focuses on the transnational mobility of apprentices, taking stock of progress to date and looking ahead to improvements in the future. More information to follow. 

If you wish to learn more about CSR Europe’s pilot project on apprenticeship mobility, contact Tommi Raivio