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Vodafone - Safe and Responsible use of Mobile Phone

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

There is an increasing concern in Italy and in Europe in general on the malicious use of mobile phones; in particular, access by minors to content that is not appropriate for their age, mobile phones used by malicious people in order to reach children, and correct use of phones in several places (e.g. schools).

Children perfectly know how to use all the functions of a mobile phone, but do not know the risks; while parents are aware of the risks, but do not know how to protect their children from them. Vodafone Italy needed to find a way to reach both, providing them information on the phenomenon and on how to prevent problems.


Vodafone has created a mini-website to explain to children, through a game/questionnaire, with the help of a nice character called "Trillo", how to use the mobile phone in a safe and correct way. At the end of the game, children can download a screensaver for their phone or the Trillo ring tone.

Vodafone has also created a section dedicated to parents where they can obtain the information on the features that Vodafone offers them in order to monitor and decide how they wish their children to use the phone.

Through this initiative, Vodafone supports the campaign launched by the Ministry of Communication on the safe and correct use of the new technologies. From the website realized by the Ministry of Communication, in cooperation with Save the Children, it is possibile to directly access the Vodafone mini-website, and viceversa.

Vodafone has produced some bags for children with the image of the Trillo character and the address of the mini-website.

Vodafone has communicated the mini-website to customers by sending an informative MMS to children and adults who have expressed the authorization to receive promotional MMSs.

The first month, the mini-website has registered 2.000 contacts and 10.000 visited pages.


  • The need to find a tool that could reach children, and the need to make it appealing enough to start a "word of mouth" effect.
  • The language to address children and parents is different

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • Having a tool which uses the technology that kids use, i.e. internet, to teach them how to use their phone properly.
  • Creation of a space where parents can find all the information they need in order to decide the use they want their children to do with the phone.
  • Creation of synergy with Ministry of Communciation on this hot topic.

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