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How can we steer and work towards a responsible Future of Work? Part II

Georgios Petropoulos, Research Fellow, Bruegel

How can we steer and work towards a responsible Future of Work? Part I

Brikena Xhomaqi, Director of Life Long Learning Platform

Enterprise 2020 Summit, Session II, Terarken

Our panelists Chea Lun, Claire Martin and Robert Strauss discuss how business and the EU can accelerate convergence for a better society during the interactive session at the Enterprise 2020 Summit

Richard Howitt - European Parliament

Richard Howitt MEP is the European Parliament Rapporteur on Corporate Social Responsibility and has been extremely active in driving forward a European-wide CSR agenda. During the Enterprise 2020 summit, Mr Howitt spoke to us about the continued need for CSR in the current crisis, the work of the EU in encouraging businesses to adopt responsible practices and the progress that has taken place in the field of CSR during the last ten years.

Andrew Lofts - Ricoh

During the Enterprise 2020 Summit, CSR Europe spoke to Andrew Lofts, Business Excellence Director for CSR at Ricoh, about the company's CSR policies, its expectations for future trends and how it aims to balance its business model with these upcoming changes.