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Vattenfall - Sustainable Cities

Added on 22-03-2013





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Today half of the world's population lives in cities and almost 90% of the growth to 2030 will occur in urban areas. As a consequence, in 2030, 75% of all energy use and CO2-emissions will come from urban areas. Vattenfall drives and supports development, marketing and deliveries of sustainable energy solutions that increase values for customers, stakeholders and Vattenfall in Urban Areas.


This initiative involves new technologies and new system activities for the consumer in regards to energy systems, which fulfil long-term strategic ambitions in  making electricity clean. It also includes identifying, developing and creating Vattenfall competencies, developing partnerships with universities and companies in order to exchange knowledge and ideas and facilitating knowledge sharing within Vattenfall.

The R&D programme is divided into four sub programmes; Metering Technologies Related Services, Product Related Customer Services, Distributed Generation Services and Cooling Systems. During 2010 two more sub programmes were added to the programme; Geothermal Energy and Solar Energy.

Vattenfall work in  partnership with city stakeholders, customers, universities and other external partners to better understand how their offering along with new technologies fit in with sustainable urban planning and other technological systems. Important areas are district cooling, heat pumps, small scale CHP plants and energy efficiency measures like low-energy lighting and visualization of energy usage.

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