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Vattenfall among the top 20 green energy companies globally

Monday, December 10, 2018

More renewables and diminishing fossil-based power result in Vattenfall climbing the ranking of the greenest utilities in the world.

Analysis company Energy Intelligence has listed the greenest power companies in the world. Vattenfall comes in at number 17, improving last year's ranking by one notch.

"It is fantastic that we have been ranked among the 20 greenest energy providers in the world. And we have succeeded in bettering our position in very strong competition. We are proud of this achievement," says Annika Ramsköld, Head of Sustainability at Vattenfall.

Energy Intelligence ranks power companies based on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and amount of renewable production, excluding hydro power. The top ten spots are held by three Chinese, two American and two Spanish companies, as well as Denmark's Ørsted and Germany's E.ON. The ranking of E.ON was made possible due to the division of the company in 2016 when all  fossil-based generation was put into Uniper.

Vattenfall is the only Swedish power company on the list, which is topped by Spanish wind power producer Acciona. Read more