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Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa


The collaborative platform presents a good opportunity for multinationals to engage with SMEs and entrepreneurs to access new technologies, identify learning opportunities and enhance their capacity to innovate, allowing businesses to penetrate the market. Leading companies recognize the opportunity to increase the value added by companies in Africa; that is why they invest in Africa’s growing economy and engage with their supply chains on the continent. There is a need for scale and collaboration to drive this beyond the individual efforts of companies. Digital and entrepreneurial skills, and sustainable business innovation are important enablers for future development both in Africa and Europe.

While African economic growth has been relatively strong, it has not been rapid or inclusive enough and not enough jobs are being created. Businesses can harness the power of African markets through investment in youth, young entrepreneurs and SMEs, use of digital technologies, and new sustainable business models.



The business-led collaborative platform on upgrading sustainable value chains will initially roll out a three-year project (2020-2022) to engage private sector companies - both from Europe and Africa - to upgrade the value chain development between the two continents. The platform aims to boost youth, young entrepreneurs and SMEs through digital skills, employability and sustainable business development.

Pooling resources for more Impact

By leveraging existing African Innovation Hubs, acting as a one-stop-shop where companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs - and youth entering the labour market - can access:

(1) Skills Development through business-education partnerships
(2) Business Development and financing support to implement sustainable innovations across the value chain


What’s in this platform for businesses?

  1. Equip your company with a skilled workforce in your African operations;
  2. Gain access to stronger suppliers and/or customers for your business;
  3. Develop a vibrant sustainable local economy;
  4. Engage with policy makers in the framework of the Africa-EU Digital Economy Partnership.


Interested to learn more about the platform?

Contact: Soni Kanabar at