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Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa

Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa


To engage private sector companies (both from Europe and Africa) to upgrade the value chain development between the two continents through enhancing sustainable and inclusive businesses.

Context: Upgrading the value chain

Upgrading value chains presents a good opportunity for local firms to access new technologies, identify learning opportunities and enhance their capacity to innovate, allowing businesses to penetrate the market. Leading multinational companies recognise the opportunity to increase the value added by companies in Africa; that is why they invest in Africa’s growing economy and engage with their supply chains on the continent. There is a need for scale and collaboration to drive this beyond the individual efforts of corporates. Digitalisation, skills and innovation are important enablers for future development both in Africa and in Europe, with many creative start-ups - and multinational companies - providing opportunities for creating sustainable added value in Africa.

Our Three Pillar Approach

1. Capacity Building: Conducting needs-assessment of local and regional value chains and create practical improvement projects around it

We aim at providing dedicated technical assistance to businesses who want to take a new product to the market, pilot innovative technology, train suppliers or raise standards in the supply chain.

2. Investment: Investing in sustainable and responsible businesses 

We aim at supporting businesses to find financing instruments for new innovative ventures and/or scale-up solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

3. High-level Strategic Dialogue: Creating high-level sectoral dialogue opportunities

We aim at high-level discussions focusing on the digital economy. This would help to achieve synergies and ensure better implementation of the sustainable development measures adopted by businesses in both EU and Africa. 

The advantage for companies

There is untapped potential for private sector collaboration between EU and Africa to upgrade the value chain and to create added value in Africa. On this premise, CSR Europe is launching a Collaborative Platform ‘Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa.’

  • Opportunity: Great potential for projects, collaboration and investments in digital skills and business development, aimed at creating added value in African economies.
  • Where: Three regions will be selected, based on a mapping of current activities and interests of the multinational economies joining the platform.
  • Funding: Projects will be developed either funded by companies and/or supported by donor organisations and multilateral financial institutions.

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