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Unipol sustainable value certified insurance products

Added on 06-06-2013


Unipol Gruppo Finanziario


CSR Europe



Business challenge

In the context of a large change in the Italian welfare system and general distrust of the banking and insurance sector, the project aims to promote innovative welfare models and services and to increase customer trust. Through the gradual application of the procedural guidelines to new life insurance products, Unipol develops business models able to respond in an innovative and responsible manner to the emerging needs of customers and the community.

Business challenges addressed were:

  • Improvement of customer relationship
  • Sales network engagement in order to make the agent a proactive source of information on investments, transparency and traceability
  • Promotion of  brand recognition and customer awareness on investment choices


Unipol has developed, along with Bureau Veritas , an experimental certificate of life insurance products. The certificate was developed with investment products UnipolSai Investimento Garantito, Investimento Capital One, and UnipolSai Investimento Capital Top and provides third party verification of compliance with technical specifications: The Life Product Manual in accordance with the values of ​​Unipol.

The values ​​of the two life products of Unipol are: transparency, fairness and product value. Compliance is verified through the requirements and indicators throughout the process from identification of need to the management of post-sales service.

The Handbook aims to promote consistent, verifiable and transparent organizational practices in every phase. It aims to promote:

  • balanced satisfaction of customer, company and community interests
  • social and environmental sustainability of the investment
  • simple and transparent communication to enable clients to make informed choices


Qualitative and quantitative indicators for measuring impact are yet to be defined.


Results of stakeholder engagement:

  • We launched the project during a conference with four consumer’s associations
  • We provided e-learning training course for agents in order to explain how to enhance third party certification with customers

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