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Total - Safety in Action, Expressing Total Petrochemicals' Commitment to Safety

Added on 22-03-2013



Business challenge

The chemical industry is a very labor-intensive industry, which increases the safety risks at production sites.

With 7,000 employees and 17 production plants worldwide, Total Petrochemicals - a subsidiary of Total and the world's fifth-ranked chemical manufacturer - is particularly concerned with the safety of its employees and has set ambitious industrial and workplace safety objectives and goals to be reached at all sites. Meeting these targets means educating managers, front-line teams and visitors at the plants.


Total Petrochemicals has introduced the ‘Safety in Action’, an awareness and educational program designed to help plants change cultures and behaviors in order to meet Total's safety targets. Total Petrochemicals is targeting a 10%-per-year reduction in the total recordable injury rate through 2009, both for its own and contractor employees.

The program comprises of four components:

• Safety Orientation videos that spell out the onsite safety rules that visitors, contractors and carriers must comply with.

• Highlights held roughly every two months at all sites, at which teams get together to discuss, share ideas and commit to real-world actions. Topics addressed include cleanness and tidiness, the importance of pointing out unsafe actions, and personal protective equipment.

• The Top Management program, which involves senior managers in a joint process of sharing best practices and conducting "safety tours," in which they visit different sites.

• Awareness campaigns on road safety and other key safety issues


• Need to ensure that Safety and Communication managers work together.

• Differences in the way the program is applied at different sites worldwide.

• Acceptance problems at sites with a strong existing safety culture.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The program:

• Ensures the safety of each employee at Total Petrochemical’s sites

• Strengthens day-to-day vigilance.

• Encourages feedback and shared analyses.

• Fosters dialogue, experience sharing and the development of action plans at the individual team level.

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