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Telefónica - Interactive Generations Forum

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Business challenge

This organization was created by Telefónica and Navarra University together with the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education in 2008. The objective was to learn in depth the use and misuses of ICT by children in Latin America in order to develop a strategy to foster the safer and responsible use of Internet and mobile phones by children and teenagers.

Interactive Generations are a present reality:

  • Kids and teenagers surrounded by a new TIC environment.
  • New ways of communication and interaction.
  • New legal framework is needed to protect children from a globalized environment.
  • New opportunities and some risks that need to be known and managed.

With the aim of becoming a reference, the Forum is born with an integrationist and global vocation, in order to represent, agglutinate and serve as a tool to all the people involved and the public and private corporations concerned, for the promotion of an adequate use of the new technologies by the new Interactive Generation.


The Forum focuses its activities in:

  • Research on the part of experts, in order to know and define the distinctive features of the Interactive Generation.
  • Development of training courses for diverse audiences and the publication of useful educational materials for the Interactive Generations.
  • Diffusion of research results and conclusions in order to inform about the opportunities and needs of the new Interactive Generation.
  • Advice and guidance for the implementation of measures for the protection of minors in their access to diverse technologies.
  • Acknowledgement of good practices in this area.

The final mission of Interactive Generations Forum project is to use all this knowledge to develop guidelines and educative actions at all levels, including family, school and institutional level, that will help us to educate young people so they become experts in the present and future technologies.


With our organization we pretend to promote research, education, spreading and implementation of self-regulating and law initiatives in the field of minors and Information Society with the aim that all the involved actors, which includes children, teenagers, parents, educators, legislators and companies will be able to improve their work according to the nature of their objectives (educational, commercial, law, etc.)

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The work developed by the Interactive Generations Forum has a valuable impact both on society and business.

Regarding the impact on society, the research carried out in eight Latin-American countries, as well as Spain, has contributed to a better knowledge of children and teenagers’ use of screens. Thanks to these studies (over 90,000 children has participated on the research), we have identified the main risks and opportunities that minors face when they use technologies and basing on this research, we have developed several educational tools (i.e.: online and offline courses, books targeted to both teachers and parents, etc.) that pretend to improve the way that technologies are used not only by minors, but also by their parents, educators, or other people. Around 45,000 people has been trained on the responsible use of ICTs.

Regarding business, we pretend to be a reference for technology companies that target their products (i.e.: videogames, mobile phones, computers, etc.) to minors. Our work outcomes (i.e.: research, protection, education, etc.) intend to help companies to be aware of their responsibility when launching different products and services.

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