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National Workshops

Project Manager

Paula Byrne

The objective of the Sustainable Living in Cities campaign is to, first, define a new model of urban multi-stakeholder partnership by analyzing the opportunities and challenges of existing urban partnerships and then mainstream the model by facilitating the establishment of 10 urban partnerships based on this model in 10 European countries.

Support the organisation of a national workshop promoting stronger collaborations between city and business stakeholders. Become one of the 10 pilots of establishing or strengthening a local city-business collaboration.

Speak at or attend National Workshops across Europe

Several national business platforms are preparing national or regional workshops for cities, companies, and other urban stakeholders to demonstrate what constitutes an effective city-business alliance. 

Cities, businesses, National Partners, civil society or other urban stakeholders join us in the following workshops still this year (2016):

Results of the past workshops

Brussels, Belgium - 15 December 2015
Madrid, Spain – 20 October 2015
Italy, Bologna – 14 October 2015
Istanbul, Turkey - 27 May 2015
Riga, Latvia - 06 May 2015