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Sustainable Leadership Through Collaboration

Thursday, September 6, 2018

CSR Europe is gearing up for the CSR Europe 2030 Strategic Programme. In order to discuss the possible direction for change in CSR Europe’s strategy, we have kicked off a member consultation process. We are holding the first webinar "Sustainable Leadership Through Collaboration" on 19th September.

To ensure that the new CSR Europe 2030 Strategic Programme meets our members’ needs, we are moving towards a strong focus on impact in 3 core business areas – People, Materials & Markets – and are aiming to shape with our members the eco-system for sustainable market development.

The webinar will take place on 19th September from 16.30 to 17.30. This event includes an interesting and exciting session with Chris Coulter, co-CEO of GlobeScan, who will present insights from latest book “All In: The future of business leadership” and Dominique Debecker, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, Solvay and CSR Europe’s Board member, who will be providing a practical example on this topic. It will be a great learning experience for everyone who believes that we need a transformation towards collaboration!

We will also discuss the key areas of the new approach, and on how CSR Europe will help strengthening the individual learning and exchange opportunities for companies through collaboration.

The registrations for the first webinar are now open! Register here.

Two more webinars have been scheduled on 15th October and 14th November.



In May 2018 the Board of Directors of CSR Europe kicked off an extensive membership consultation on the future strategic programme for CSR Europe’s network – CSR Europe’s 2030 Strategic Programme.

The Board has developed and distributed a first “Discussion Note for the members of CSR Europe” as the basis for a first discussion during the General Assembly of the Organisation. Based on this initial consultation and feedback, three documents have been developed as a basis for a further in-depth discussion on 3 key domains of the 2030 Strategic Programme.

By initiating a member consultation process through the Basecamp platform, we aim to get some deep insights on what kind of network our members want us to be in 2020-2030, directly from them. We have also started consultation with other stakeholders outside of the network.