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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The Value for Europe A Whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan and GlobeScan on behalf of CSR Europe

Added on 03-07-2017

We all know that achieving the desired impact of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will require changes in attitudes and behaviours as well as innovation, education and clear leadership. But there will also be a huge role to be played by technology, new products and services, new business models to generate sustainable value for consumers and societies, and an accelerated focus on par tnership and collaboration.

In support of the UN SDGs agenda 2030, and as privileged interlocutor of the European Commission, CSR Europe is setting the foundations for being the European Business Hub for the SDGs. Our ambition is clear, to inspire, engage and support over 10,000 enterprises already active in our 41 CSR National Partners Organisations. Together we are also eager to collaborate with the European Institutions and other stakeholders to accelerate the integration of the SDGs in all European Union policies.

It is against this background that CSR Europe has partnered with Frost & Sullivan and GlobeScan to explore how European companies can grasp business growth opportunities arising from the SDGs. It’s time to ignite a serious discussion about how companies of all shapes and sizes can play a major role in driving a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive society while also meeting their corporate goals of generating value and achieving competitive advantage. The Whitepaper will bring together Frost & Sullivan’s visionary research on the global transformational trends shaping our future, as well as GlobeScan’s and CSR Europe’s most recent survey of European business experts to explore the current state of play with companies and the SDGs.