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SDG Incubator


The SDG Incubator is part of CSR Europe’s Sustainable Business Exchange – The European Business Platform for action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The overall objective of the SDG incubator is to incubate collaborative action towards the SDGs through the creation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, by leveraging CSR Europe's Network of 41 National Partner Organisations (NPOs) reaching over 11,000 companies and key stakeholders in 31 countries across Europe.

The incubator will support companies in forming impact oriented partnerships, transforming their business models and overcoming systemic barriers and challenges.

How does it work?

The SDG incubator follows a simple six step process:

  1. Propose a challenge around which CSR Europe conducts a feasibility study to explore possibilities for collective action.
  2. Co-create a project idea in an exploratory workshop, where we will exchange innovative practices around the challenge, identify opportunities for collaboration and prioritise collective action (3 months after proposition of challenge).
  3. Feasibility study to assess the practicality of a proposed idea and further refine its scope with leaders (approx. 6 months period)
  4. Project design: Define project structure, develop detailed work plan and secure the resources for its implementation (approx. 6 months period)
  5. Take collective action: project implementation, monitoring, measuring and reporting (approx. 1-2 years project - TBC)
  6. Scale up and replicate: Analyse results and adapt process, replicate improved model (TBC)

Why join?

  • Access external resources and expertise
  • Lead the action and be part of a consortium to put ideas into practice
  • Achieve higher impact with fewer resources and risks
  • Adopt transformative qualities into your business model
  • Create new products, markets and supply chains

For more information please contact Franzis Wimmer