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Learning Network

A Learning Network for business transformation


The Learning Network is aimed at raising awareness and building capacity among companies and other stakeholders to take action and support business transformation. Practically this will be done through best practice and knowledge sharing with a series of webinars, conferences, publications and workshops. 

SDG Masterclass Workshop for Companies & Sectors

Business & the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Over the last years, CSR Europe has been supporting companies and industry sectors on their journey of business transformation using the SDGs as driving framework.

In 2017 we published, together with Frost & Sullivan and Globescan, the whitepaper: SDGs – The Value for Europe.

The research showed that the SDGs provide solid business opportunities and companies believe SDGs are important, however, awareness remains limited, particularly among middle management and so does concrete action.

In addition, the 2018 whitepaper ‘Collaboration for Impact’ by PwC and CSR Europe, found a significant gap between various industry sector’s strategic ambitions around SDGs / sustainability, and their actual engagement and impact (see figure 1). To bridge this gap, more action is needed. The whitepaper explains four ways for sector associations to do this (see figure 2). As the research shows, most improvement needs to happen around educating companies on the SDGs and increasing collaboration.

Figure 1: Gap between board vision and action on sustainability & SDGs


For this reason, CSR Europe developed the SDG Masterclass to help companies & sectors understand and use the SDGs to drive internal business transformation (Education) as well as co-create solutions together (Collaboration).

CSR Europe has already delivered a successful masterclass for companies and sectors.


Our Offer:

 SDGs Masterclass for Companies

 SDGs Masterclass for  Sector Associations


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Joanne Houston

Project Manager 


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