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Circular Economy webinar: Cross-sector collaboration for sustainable cities and regions

Added on 19-12-2016

Our current economic system is based on growth and linear processes. However, resources are starting to run out and the piles of waste getting bigger which is causing significant risks for business and society.

You have probably already heard about Circular Economy, closed loop and recycling. Beautiful concepts, but not always easy to implement on your own. Industrial Ecosystems is about companies and other partners working together in a specific area (like a city) to create an ecosystem in which one player uses the waste of another player as resource. This can reduce risks, reduce costs, strengthen communities, boost innovation, create jobs and have a strong positive impact on the society and environment. Being part of an Industrial Ecosystem is another important step to become a Transformational Company.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • What industrial Ecosystems/ symbiosis is
  • Good practices
  • How collaboration can reduce risks and cost for your organisation
  • How collaboration can increase your positive impact on society and environment and improve your transformational company qualities

Confirmed speakers: Nina Alkaersig Jensen, Symbiosis Center Denmark
                                  Marjolein A.J. Brasz, Amsterdam Economic Board
                                  Michel Bande, Solvay

This webinar is part of the Sustainable Business Exchange: Circular Economy series.