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Sustainable Business and Biodiversity Platform


Biodiversity has a fundamental value for mankind as it is the source of our cultural, environmental, and economic well-being. Our members are aware of the interdependencies between business activities, natural capital, and biodiversity. To enhance businesses’ strategies for sustainability and scale-up businesses’ initiatives for biodiversity conservation and regeneration, CSR Europe is gearing up to launch a Sustainable Business and Biodiversity Platform.

CSR Europe is exploring the interest among its members to create a business-led collaborative platform on Biodiversity. This platform is a part of CSR Europe’s action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


The overall objective of the platform is to explore and identify collaboration opportunities between businesses and key stakeholders and to take collective action towards the SDGs. Biodiversity relates to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals but there are two proposed goals that explicitly refer to it; goals 14 (life below water) and 15 (life on land).

The ultimate goal is to form a small action group of companies, National Partner Organisations and other strategic partners to co-implement projects that leverage their capacity to address common challenges and opportunities linked to biodiversity. The exact focus and scope of the project will be determined in an incubator process by the companies interested in taking collective action.

Together with business practitioners, stakeholders and policymakers, the Sustainable Business and Biodiversity platform aims to:

  • Steer working groups to exchange learnings
  •  Run pilot projects to test new ideas
  • Organise policy roundtables to drive reforms
  • Pool expertise together in the form of stakeholder dialogues
  • Drive collective action towards achieving the SDGs


CSR Europe’s Approach

The collaborative platform follows a simple 6-step process:

  1. Develop Concept with Leaders
  2. Exploratory web meeting and workshop 
  3. Feasibility Study
  4. Project Design
  5. Take Collective Action
  6. Scale up and Replicate

The idea around the business-led platform is to provide a practice-oriented approach where businesses can exchange real-life examples, pool expertise together through a multi-stakeholder approach and link emerging challenges with policymakers.


Upcoming Events

Biodiversity Webinar – How can you get involved?  19 June 2019

Join us to learn about the main opportunities and challenges of biodiversity and business. In this webinar, we will discuss why businesses need to care about biodiversity, what the relevant EU policies are for businesses, and ultimately, how can we take collective action and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve a sustainable Europe by 2030.

Sustainable Business & Biodiversity Workshop – September 2019 (date tbc)

In September 2019, CSR Europe will host a workshop to kick-off the collaborative platform on sustainable business and biodiversity. Stay tuned for more information!


Interested to join the platform?

For more information please contact Soni Kanabar at or Bernedine Bos at