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Sustainability from procurement to human rights at Enel

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Over the course of 2015, Enel launched its Sustainable Supply Chain Project through close collaboration between two of its functions, Global Procurement on the one hand and Innovation and Sustainability on the other, at both global and local levels.

Thus a single selection process was created by standardising in all the countries in which Enel operates the criteria for assessing and monitoring suppliers from an ethical standpoint and, above all, in relation to the impact on the company.

In this way Enel integrates environmental, social and governance issues into our strategy, creating shared value with the local businesses working with us, in the spirit of the circular economy.

Enel featured in CSR Europe's Blueprint for Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions, launched in March 2016. You can read Enel's case studies and more here.

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