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Sustainability has Reached Critical Mass for Change

Monday, December 2, 2019

More than 360 CEOs are ready to work for a Sustainable Europe by 2030 at a time when 149 industry associations are pushing for an ambitious industrial strategy for Europe and the EU institutions are pursuing the greenest mandate of our time. In 2020, CSR Europe will gather all players to scale up solutions to drive global and local competitiveness. Join the EU Webinar on 19 December to discover the follow-up actions of the Call and what the EU Commission has been working on.


Timing can be everything in life. Under the right circumstances, it can trigger systemic change. As chance would have it, 300 CEOs mobilised for sustainability right at a time when industry associations are pushing for change and the EU institutions are pursuing the greenest mandate of our time.

Last week, at the closure of the Call to Action for A New Deal for Europe, CSR Europe gathered the widest group of CEOs ever mobilised for sustainability thanks to the support of its National Partner Organisations (NPOs). More than 360 CEOs raised their voice to enhance dialogue and strengthen interaction with civil society, policymakers, companies and industry sectors. Signatories come from multinationals such as Enel, Hitachi, BASF to SMEs, like ecopneus and startups like PCUP and Sunthetic. They belong to over 30 different types of industries throughout Europe, ranging from food to furniture, and energy to insurance and fashion. 

Why did they mobilise? They want to collaborate and work together for an overarching strategy for a sustainable Europe by 2030. One that will accelerate sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create inclusive prosperity, leaving no one behind.

CSR Europe’s Call to Action did not fall on deaf ears. The strong commitment to sustainability from the European business leadership is now mirrored by the political leadership that civil society has chosen to guide the European institutions. Just ahead of the United Nation Climate Change Conference COP 25, opening this week in Madrid, the European Parliament declared a climate and environmental emergency. While the declaration might put pressure on the next Commission, President-Elect von der Leyen has already moved to embrace sustainability in 3 crucial pillars:

1. New Governance

  • The integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the EU semester. As a result, EU governments could expect to receive country-specific recommendations based on how well they are performing in the 17 SDGs.
  • Each Commissioner will be in charge of delivering the SDGs within their policy area and the College of Commissioners as a whole will be responsible for the overall implementation of the Goals.

2. New Policy Direction

  • Green New Deal, An Economy for All, A Europe Fit for the Digital Age

3. New Funding Mechanism

  • EU Taxonomy and Sustainable Finance

CEOs, civil society and European institutions are not the only one to have mobilised for sustainability. 149 European industry associations have recently joined forces in the coalition Industry4Europe, laying out an ambitious industrial strategy to help Europe compete with other global regions.

Right now, all the relevant players in Europe are ready to embrace sustainability. If we join forces, together, we can reach the critical mass needed to strike a New Deal for Europe – for a Europe with a shared sustainable vision for its future.


Next Steps:

Members and National Partner Organisations (NPOs) are invited to participate to the EU Webinar on 19 December to discover the next steps decided by the CSR Europe Board as well as the work done by the EU Commission in the last three weeks, including COP25.


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Daria Delnevo

Communication Manager