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Strengthening Civil Society - Private Sector Partnerships

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The 12 months project ‘’Strengthening Civil Society-Private Sector Partnerships through Corporate Social Responsibility’’, run by CSR Europe and CSR Turkey, is aimed at enhancing EU-Turkey Cooperation on capacity building for Corporate Social Responsibility activities.


The project ‘’Strengthening Civil Society-Private Sector Partnerships through Corporate Social Responsibility’’ will pursue the objectives contained in the EU legislation agreements between the European Union and Turkey. CSR Europe and CSR Turkey will run a 12 months process in order to:

- learn good partnerships examples of Civil Society and Private Sector in the EU

- examine the conditions and arrangements for this cooperation.

- shed light on partnerships pros and cons, their social and economic impacts and in which sectors these partnerships are more likely to happen.   

Supporting Dialogue

In this context, the dialogue between the actors will be supported to achieve goals on both global and local levels. Literature reviews and interviews will be conducted to hold CSR analysis in Turkey and Europe. Civil society and private sector partnerships in Turkey and Europe will be examined, and then data collected will be converted into a comparative report.

Specific Objectives:

  • Capacity building of non-governmental organizations and private sector representatives under the framework of corporate social responsibility and social dialogue.
  • Strengthening network and mutual exchange between partners.
  • Creating a sustainable CSR network in Turkey and establishing new collaborations expanding best practices in this context.

Project Activities:

  • conduct interviews with private sector representatives to determine the best practices of corporate social responsibility in Turkey and Europe that will be fed into two publications.
  • examine civil society and private sector partnerships in Europe and Turkey and merge data of these reports to create comparative report.
  • Study visits between Turkey and Belgium.
  • Organise a training - with data obtained from study visits - in seven different regions of Turkey in order to raise awareness and capacity building of civil society and private sector representatives in Turkey
  • Share the outputs obtained from report and project activities in the closing event to be held in Istanbul in March 2020

Interested in sharing your best practice on civil society-private sector partnerships? We can include it in our publication.

Please contact Ester Barrajon ( and Soni Kanabar (