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Internal Social Media Platform - Internal Communication about CR

Added on 23-06-2014


State Street


CSR Europe



Business challenge

  • Social communications represent a broader paradigm shift  in communication models
  • Social Intranet supports our ability to generate actionable ideas and implement them with greater speed and agility
  • Employee profiles empower expertise sharing and peer-to-peer communication
  • Collaborate model is an internal reflection of our broader external social media strategy

The nature of work has changed – it’s virtual, networked and around-the-clock:
5,000 State Street employees have a flexible work arrangement

Social intranets are one of the fastest growing trends in company-wide communications – and are especially effective at connecting employees in a global company:
2 hours – amount of time it took for an employee in Sydney to answer his Massachusetts  colleague’s question  

Social intranets not only extend employee engagement, but they extend face-to-face and remote relationships:
3x  the average of number of questions received for a Town Hall


Our objective is to create a broader organisational focus on innovation and collaboration across State Street. Our goals are to achieve sustainable revenue growth through innovation and support the broader State Street transformation program. Collaborate is designed to enable State Street employees to easily and efficiently share information, ideas, and expertise across the company and around the world as well as connect with colleagues across the globe on vetting and implementing those ideas. The business vision and objective is to collapse time, distance and organisational barriers across global workforce.

Launch of an internal CR campaign in 2014 called “IamCR”. The campaign engaged employees on topics of interest to them through the use of our internal social media platform. Executives are regularly highlighted as a part of the campaign.

  • Constantly communicating different trainings and opportunities related to CR
  • Aims at gaining conceptual clarity on the term CR

"I am Corporate Responsibility" - internal communication tool/campaign - social media platform. The more employees are aware and informed - the greater the possibilities for business opportunities - engaged employees in all regions


The impact of implementing a social media platform is to encourage and empower employees to ask tough questions and work together to solve a common issue. Collaborate also helps establish a culture of transparency internally. With 30,000 employees it is crucial that we are constantly communicating to them our way forward. Corporate Responsibility is everyone’s responsibility. If employees are able to play a part and engage on environmental, social or governance topics they are more likely to be productive, loyal employees and help drive the sustainability agenda forward.

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