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Sony - Delivering People & Organisational Development through Cross-Sector Partnerships

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

The challenge for Sony was to implement a strategic cross-sector partnership to develop Sony's future leaders and at the same time empower social enterprises.


Sony and streetfootballworld - a non-profit social enterprise - aim to achieve a long-term and sustainable change in disadvantaged communities in both developed and developing countries. One of the strong pillars of this partnership is Sony's leading expertise in technology and professional training.

Sony Europe's People and Organisational Development team worked closely with streetfootballworld head office to identify the most appropriate projects within the streetfootballworld network. The projects were selected on their potential positive social impact that and the learning potential of project for the Sony employees. The main internal stakeholders were the People and Organisational Development team responsible for talent strategy, graduates and middle management on talent development programmes (future leaders), and senior sponsors from Top Management including President of Sony in Europe. The external stakeholders involved were Sony's partner streetfootballworld, the projects selected from the streetfootballworld network and event facilitators (Impact).

For example one of the selected projects - Moving the Goalposts - is based in the Kalifi district in Kenya. Their field of work involves health promotion, children rights and education. The mission given to a team of Sony's talents was to apply their business skills acquired during their development programme to develop a social enterprise making affordable sanitary pads from locally available materials.

The expected outcome is that when Sony's potential future leaders apply their skills within the social enterprise context, they can positively contribute towards society, their own development and organisation.


  • Involving all of Sony's businesses in this kind of talent development
  • Involving FIFA commercial partners in their talent development programmes
  • Venture philanthropy involving corporate top management
  • Facilitating the inter-cooperation of social enterprises

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Community development:

  • Provide business expertise to members of streetfootballworld through partnership with Sony's European Graduate Programme;
  • Specific focus on income-generating business projects;
  • Each project to be specifically linked to one member organisation;
  • Aim to create recommendations, reports and information as outputs that may benefit all member organisations of streetfootballworld.

Professional development:

  • An important part of the graduates learning should be adaptability to a new context (not-for-profit / less structured / fast changing);
  • The application of graduate business training outside of the traditional comfort zone;
  • They will have to learn to work in virtual teams effectively (different languages, working cultures, engagement levels) on international projects;
  • The projects should be platforms that encourage graduate creativity and innovation.

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