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Solvay - Solvay Sustainability Screening for Sites – S3S methodology

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

The Company Management needs to determine the long-term viability of existing industrial platforms, by assessing to what extent a given industrial site is well positioned in terms of sustainability assets (risk management in this site, acceptance by neighbouring communities, resource efficiency, …) However, reaching a shared vision amongst plant managers, business managers and Executive Committee about a site’s sustainability assets and drawbacks requires a multi-factor, extensive assessment of a wide range of non-financial aspects. Such assessment incorporate the following elements:

  •  Include fuel decision-making about the potential long-term viability of a site
  •  Be broad in the parameters assessed (a multifactor SWOT)
  •  Be structured, standardized and systematic, ensuring and reassuring that all aspects have been taken into considerations in terms of management


Solvay has developed a unified methodology: S3S (Solvay Sustainability Screening Sites). It is a strategic tool to help take decisions about the future of industrial sites. It is made of guiding, structured, quantitative & qualitative questions: about 43 indicators covering all aspects of industrial sustainability are measured. The assessment is carried out by a specialized team, it takes a few days ending by a one day wrap up and conclusion meeting with the site Manager. Reports are generated automatically.
The S3S assessment covers a range of non-financial aspects encompassing:

  1. Human Health and Safety
  2. Social & Political Acceptability
  3. Environment
  4. Technological & Economic Viability

S3S contributes to the evaluation of the sustainability of our Industrial Sites, by identifying:

  • Short, Medium & Long term Trends affecting sustainability of a site
  • Major strengths and weaknesses
  • Industrial synergies between a site and its neighbouring community


  • Keywords of S3S are : “Keep it lean, light & efficient, avoid perfectionism”
  • Use an expert team
  • Develop robust, impartial and even-handed criteria’s and scoring
  • Highlight strong weaknesses/strengths to Executive Committee + background, summarized arguments

Challenges/Lessons learned:

In a nutshell, the outcome is to assess the medium to long term sustainability status of Solvay’s industrial sites using a robust proprietary methodology that will bring value to all involved parties (Plant organizations, RD&T organizations, Top Management). It identifies or confirms a site’s KSI's (Key Sustainable Issues) to take into account, and propose solutions as appropriate. Plant managers and Executive Committee are confident that the long term sustainability of sites is assessed in a structured way.

More information

Proprietary tool. Solvay is keen to meet and discuss S3S with interested parties.

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