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Employee Performance Management

Added on 07-06-2014




CSR Europe



Business challenge

The challenge is to link sustainability performance (… and the difficulty to define such performance) with remuneration Bonus.


10% of bonus linked to sustainable development goal (2 criteria : External Recognition Target (50%) + Internal Progress Target (50%)

External Recognition Target

Solvay group Listed in selected extra-financial indexes.

- FTSE4Good

- Euronext Vigeo World 120

- DJSI Europe

- DJSI World



Internal Progress Target (50%)

Progress on a Solvay Way practices, in each entity of a Global Business Unit (Progress should be at least +1 on score or reaching level 3 or progressing beyond level 3)

+ Involve employees in action plans.

Overall objective of improvement

  • Part of the “Solvay Way” (solvay sustainability framework)
  • Applies to 7,500 managers and the CEO
  • Sustainable Development Report 2013 p. 8


  • Solvay included in DJSI (Europe) Index in 2013 (but excluded in 2014).

Continuous progress on Solvay Way Practices, in every operational entity (plants, functions).

Challenges/Lessons learned:

DJSi and other rating agencies : these are moving targets, with rationale of the assessment methodologies changing, and competitor also making progress

Solvay Way: a good tool for continuous progress with the involvement of the overall population. However, the issue is to adapt Solvay Way to new challenges and to influence the strategy of the company (or example about having strategies about product / market portfolio).

Another issue is that every Solvay Way “practice” must be supported by ambitious, strong internal standards / procedures in ALL domains, while uniformization is not always possible in a multinational group. 

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