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Sodalitas Italy (Cereria Terenzi Evelino) - Managing CSR and putting into practice

Added on 22-03-2013


Cereria Terenzi Evelino


Sodalitas Italy



Business challenge

Our company culture and values are oriented to "Wellbeing" and this lead us to an internal dialogue: we gained awareness through training and seminars that "wellbeing" could be not only the mission of big multinational companies with large resources, but could be the mission also of our small enterprise. Our motivation to realize a "good" product is based on the need to protect our environment and to take care not only of our community but also reach out to distant countries.


From several years Cereria Terenzi adopted an ethical protocol worlwide, for health and safety at work. The protocol is applied by all its commercial partners, Asian ones included, that are suppliers for semifinished products, raw meterials or accessories.

Cereria Terenzi respect every part of 626 Law (Health and Safety) in order to protect man's dignity, to avoid any form of abuse at work. The enterprise does not accept as suppliers that abuse children or have forced labour, that don't respect HSE international standards, that discriminate workers by gender, race, religion, political credo. Cereria also employs disabled people and adopted flexible working time to reduce traffic related accidents.

The company started a project on sustainable development, in order to realize an ecological candle with the essence of Amazionian fruits. An Indan tribe is involved in the fruit harvest, in the production process and in the sale of finished products. Part of the project is to reforest the region with Meliaceae trees.

Regarding the environmental protection, Cereria Terenzi adopted a plan to reduce the environmental impact during the prodution cycle, collecting and recycling waste materials, taking tracks of special materials. The company uses methane, instead of higher polluting energies oil by-product.

The enamelling plant is assisted by an advanced extractor fan, which assures a safe working environment and clean air.


Challenging the stereotype that SMEs are unable, because of lack of resources, to produce sufficient positive impact on their communities. After a mature assessment of the added value generated by us for society and environment, we are convinced that even a small company with 70 employees can communicate efectively its contribution and enhance its reputation in the community

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • A drastic reduction in safety accidents and a more motivated work force.
  • Our social and environmental commitment contribute to strenghten our quality image, also recognized by third parties. (inclusion in the "Bank of Italian Quality", mention in "The soft Economy" publication as one of the excellence model in our country.)

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