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Founded in 1995, Sodalitas is an intermediary organisation linking the corporate and non-profit sectors. Two main areas of interests are: consultancy services to civil society organisations, helping them to enhance the effectiveness and quality of programmes; assistance to companies in shaping CSR and community investment initiatives.


Sodalitas aims to act as a bridge between responsible business and civil society by promoting a culture of corporate responsibility, sustainable development and social cohesion; and by fostering partnerships between companies and NGOs in addressing community problems.


Sodalitas provides these key functions for members:

  • Monitoring and researching new CSR developments in Italy and Europe, publishing a monthly newsletter and updating on-line databases of best practices
  • A Forum for exchanging of ideas and experiences via the "Centro per lo sviluppo della CSR" (Centre for the development of CSR)
  • Benchmarking groups (grant making corporate foundations, CSR governance and management systems)
  • Interactive workshops on main practices and tools
  • Sodalitas Social Award prizes (6 categories: internal processes, partnerships, cause-related marketing, socially responsible finance, SMEs, sustainable innovation in products/services)
  • High level conferences
  • Promotion of collaboration between business and universities (EABIS Associate)
  • Providing tailored assistance to the needs of each company in mainstreaming CSR in the following issues: codes of conduct, governance and management systems, accountability and reporting, stakeholder engagement, employee community involvement, partnerships with civil society organisations, education and training



Diana Bracco,
Chair, Bracco


For more information, please contact Ruggero Bodo.

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Address: Via Pantano, 2, 20122 Milano, Italy
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