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Social Impact Assessment: Challenges and Existing Models

Added on 18-01-2019

Assessing the impact of corporate activities with a focus on the social dimension of impact, remains a challenge for many companies. As a growing number of businesses are expected to report on their non-financial performance, overcoming such a challenge has become ever more relevant. It is against this backdrop that CSR Europe is organising a webinar on February 21st, 2019 to learn, share and discuss existing models of social impact assessments. Hear from reporting practitioners - CSR Europe’s corporate member, BASF - on its approach to social impact assessment.

Join this webinar in order to:

  • Find out about existing models and approaches to impact assessment, with a focus on the social dimension of impact;
  • Gain insights into how your company can overcome the challenges of measuring social impact;
  • Learn how you can improve your company reporting practice through effective impact assessment.

This webinar is restricted to CSR Europe members only..

For more information, please contact Joanne Houston at