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The Shift is the leading Belgian CSR network for companies that together, with diverse number of stakeholders, strive to shape a sustainable society. The organisation currently has 334 members four of which are employer's federation.


To co-create an inclusive, green and responsible business for a sustainable society.


Wherever you are on the CSR path, the Shift network is a place to share ideas and knowledge. It can be a sounding board to mainstream CSR in your company and engage in continuous improvement.
The Shift's new mission statement, “to co-create an inclusive, green and responsible business for a responsible society”, is ambitious to go a step further, to have a real and concrete impact through co-creation projects in order to create conditions for a more inclusive, green and responsible economy.  Our “value proposition” is based on three pillars:
Share/ Peer- learning
Through our information and best practices sharing sessions, our knowledge center and our newsflashes, we highlight the progress of our members on the path of CSR and allow them to explore new themes. The topics on our agenda for 2013 include  new business models, sustainable purchasing, sustainable remuneration policy, measuring the impact of community programmes. 
Scale/ Benchmarking
The Shift developed a proprietary tool to assess companies’ CSR strategy and practices. The results of the assessment give a clear picture of the level of corporate commitment to CSR and sustainable development and identify improvement opportunities. The assessment report includes a benchmark of your company compared to the Shift members. In 2013 we will launch our new version of the assessment.
To highlight members' good practices and serve as an inspiration for companies committed to the CSR path, The Shift is partner of various awards in areas such as green innovation (Belgian Business Awards for the Environment), CSR reporting (Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report) or age diversity (Active Ageing Awards). In 2013, we will organise the Sustainable Partnerships Award, the national selection of the CSR Award, an initiative from the European Commission that is simultaneously organized in 29 European countries.
We also invite the CEO’s of our member companies to exclusive sessions in the presence of renowned lecturers/speakers.
Through our co-creation projects, our engaged members can set-up and run projects that they cannot achieve on their own, because of a lack of information, resources experience or critical size. The three co-creation themes offer a concrete answer to the current business economic and social challenges: active ageing, circular economy and sustainable mobility.The Shift organises and facilitates a number of workgroups for its members, to exchange and develop practical solutions to address specific CSR challenges.
The Shift also coordinates community engagement projects, particularly in the area of employability and personal development for young people living in disadvantaged areas.
Each member company is appointed a CSR Business Partner, to maximise the benefits of membership. The appointed  CSR Business Partner helps members to complete their CSR projects, answers their questions or puts them in contact with those who have the resources to support them effectively.



Jacques Vandermeiren,
CEO of Elia


For more information, please contact Sabine Denis, Change Executive Officer
Phone: +32 2 515 09 79
Address: Rue Haute 139, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Facebook:The Shift
Twitter: @WeMakeTheShift